*Jewelry purchased before 2016 is eligible for 1 complimentary clean + polish service.

Certain metals will naturally age and patina over time. All pieces arrive wrapped in anti-tarnish paper and on our CN card-stock. We recommend storing your piece in an airtight bag with the provided anti-tarnish paper when not wearing them. If you're wondering about jewelry care for your CN pieces, we recommend the following:


Solid gold will not tarnish or turn your skin unless you have an allergy to gold. Gold-fill jewelry will require an occasional wipe with a polishing cloth to maintain it's vibrance. Over time, wear and tear might burnish your piece, leaving it shiny or a different finish than when it arrived. If you'd like to return the piece to it's original finish, simply use a gentle polishing cloth or wash with cool water and baking soda.  


Bronze + brass are copper alloys, therefore the metal will naturally patina and darken with age. Water and heat hasten the formation of patina on the metal. Showering, swimming or exercising in your piece will almost immediately cause discoloration. Slight discoloration of the skin may happen from time to time. All skin types are different so variance of patina's will depend on the skin type. We personally embrace the beautiful aging process of bronze + brass, but if you'd like to return the piece to it's original finish, simply clean with a 'sunshine cloth'. Bronze + brass will always tarnish but using the sunshine cloth easily returns any piece to a bright champagne color.


When silver is not worn regularly, it will darken and tarnish. We recommend regular wear and keeping the piece out of water to avoid this. To return pieces to their original finish, buff with a polishing cloth and keep stored in an airtight bags.

*With all jewelry, do not use baking soda or chemicals of any sort on stones. Simply a toothbrush and mild soap.



We offer a 'Clean and Polish' service on all of our pieces, whether bronze, brass, sterling or gold. This service is $45 per piece and includes: sanding, minor repairs, polishing and returning the piece to it's original luster. This also includes shipping the piece back using our standard shipping option.

 If you have any questions regarding our cleaning and polishing service and for a look into our recommended jewelry care, visit our journal entry.