Jewelry Care + Cleaning Tips

A few of the regular questions we receive regarding jewelry: 'how do I care for my handmade jewelry?', 'will it turn my skin?', and 'will my jewelry change color or darken?'.

We wanted to include the topic as a journal post, shedding light on the jewelry tarnish conundrum and make the easy solution accessible for everyone...

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Hair Pins + Hair Stick Tutorial

So many of you have asked us for a step by step, how to's and styling inspiration for our hair pins + hair sticks.  So, here it is! A peek into how we love to wear hairpins and hair sticks. Form + function matter to us, we're utilitarians at heart so we're thrilled to have designed a small series that actually do what they're designed to do; hold your locks all day. For those of you with thick, long hair... this is for you too!

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