RF 11: Fierce little Farah

Welcome to Refugee Friday! Today is the ELEVENTH installment of Refugee Friday. Every Friday through the end of the year, we're partnering with Preemptive Love to share the stories of refugee survivors across Syria and Iraq. Along with giving these survivors a voice to share their story, 50% of orders placed on Refugee Friday go to Preemptive Love  to contribute to aid and relief efforts, but ultimately, to restoring dignity after desolation.

She’s so tough. Cute, but tough.


She may seem so young, but this toddler has learned she must be fierce to survive.

She stood at the kitchen counter, just a few years into life, her tiny fists clutching those buckets as if her life depended on it. She dropped one pail and a boy almost twice her size snatched it up. Without a sound, Farah walked right up to him, yanked it out of his hands, and got back in line. The food was almost ready and nobody was going to keep her from filling these buckets for her family.

Farah is the youngest in her family of four and has already learned the harsh reaity of fending for herself. Her father was killed in war, and she and her sister elbow their way to the front of the crowds to get the food they need. Farah’s cute little pigtails may make her appear innocent, but her toughness comes from needing to survive war. You may normally think of toddlers as innocent and wobbly, but Farah is far from home, far from the comforts of a care-free toddlers life. She is fierce out of necessity. But even then, Farah is still a kid. She would still crack a few smiles and play with the other kids in the kitchen to reveal those glimpses of childhood joy.


And her eyes especially light up when her buckets are filled to the brim with food and meats. Preemptive Love has been feeding 18,000 people every day in this kitchen located outside Damascus.

Join us in filling the buckets of our Iraqi and Syrian neighbors as you shop today. 50% of ALL proceeds from every Friday are donated to Preemptive Love to continue to support, serve and love our neighbors.

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