Dignity and Humanity are not a function of geography or nationality. And your worth is not based on where you breathe in this world.
— Ann Voskamp

Having not been to the Middle East, our family can't grasp the scope of devastation or the length of needs. Our privilege affords the opportunity of escaping those tangible realities, a privilege 22 million refugees worldwide aren't afforded. But I can't escape the burning inside my chest when I read the stories of what's happening every day in places like Iraq and Syria. It haunts me, and it should. I pray our hearts remain porous enough for those screams and pleas to resound, urging us to move from our places of comfort and act. May we be moved to defend the defenseless, give voice to the silenced, may we be moved beyond ourselves. Beyond our comfort. Beyond our safety. Love requires and calls for action. It calls for repenting, responding, reconciling and laying down ourselves for one another.  

To say we're excited to roll out our newest endeavor with Preemptive Love is an understatement. It feels more like an honor to partner with them. Our hope is to contribute aid to the growing refugee crisis worldwide and to start conversations where stories are shared and change is welcomed.

Starting this week through the rest of 2018 (that's just 20 weeks, whew!), we're hosting REFUGEE FRIDAY. Every Friday, 50% of sales will be donated to Preemptive Love, an organization we respect greatly. Preemptive Love is helping provide frontline relief for refugees scattered and dispersed across Iraq. In Syria, they are feeding families, rushing to help respond after chemical attacks, and rebuilding homes.

Every Friday, we'll have the opportunity to showcase one facet of aid Preemptive Love is able to facilitate, thanks to you joining the conversation. We're also hoping to collaborate together for a few special release items ;) More on that to come.

In the meantime, give them a follow and you can join the conversations with Preemptive Love, here.  Our hope is that in purchasing gifts for loved ones or yourself, your purchase can carry impact outside of our borders, every Friday for at least the rest of the year. Join us in moving beyond ourselves in a small way, every week.

all our love

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