RF 3: Syrian Refugee Marwa

Welcome to Refugee Friday! Today is the third installment Refugee Friday. For the next 19 Friday's (through the end of the year), we are partnering with Preemptive Love to share the stories of refugee survivors across Syria and Iraq. Along with giving these survivors a voice to share their story, 50% of orders placed on Refugee Friday will go to Preemptive Love to contribute to aid and relief efforts, but ultimately, to restoring dignity after desolation.

We'd like to introduce you to Marwa and why she is hopeful...


Marwa doesn't have too much hope left for Syria, where she experienced loss after loss. She’s heard the first-hand horrors from her uncles and cousins, while bombs scattered the ground, they clung to hope in the basement of a Ghouta shelter. So many loved ones lost to a seemingly unending war. A war where sides have become blurred and death seems to be imminent.

“There is a war, and you don’t know who killed who. They kill each other. All my family in Ghouta, they have no food, and there are so many bombs… so they are suffering now.”
— Marwa

In spite of being forced to flee and currently living in a refugee camp, Marwa has hope for the future and hope her son. Her mornings start with classes at a local university, and in the evenings, she attends classes at Preemptive Love 's tech innovation hub, WorkWell, to practice new tech skills, study web design, and learn about freelancing. She is young, she is a mother, she is a refugee. But she's more than that. She's part of the generation that is rebuilding the economy in post-war Iraq. Marwa is starting to earn income now, she's paving a future for herself and for her son, all while teaching him how to rebuild from ashes. Instead of getting a handout, Marwa and others are receiving and hand up through education programs like WorkWell.  

Hope is blossoming into reality as refugees become freelancers, creatives, and are providing for their families. Becoming part of this work means you can provide ways for artists, designers, and freelancers to thrive in a post-war economy.

This Friday, shop with a purpose. Let women, mothers, artists, and humans rise together with the equalizing voice of hope. 

50% of your order will go toward the work of Preemptive Love.


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