SCNDS • Onyx Stripe Ceramic Candle

SCNDS • Onyx Stripe Ceramic Candle

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:: SCNDS :: samples and seconds have slight imperfections. these pieces are heavily discounted, therefore we will not accept returns, exchanges. all sales are final.

These candles are a one of a kind collection made from organic beeswax, organic therapeutic grade lavender essential oil, and wooden wicks. Poured into handmade vessels. We wanted to create a candle we felt comfortable burning even around our children, which meant only the purest ingredients, exclusively from the earth. They crackle lightly as they burn. Expect slight imperfections in the surface of the wax as the candle is entirely beeswax, and synthetic chemical stabilizers are not used to keep the wax perfectly smooth.

Approximately 3”W with 1 crackling wood wick.

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